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LIB 100 Syllabus / Palmer

Lib 100 class Fall 2022

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Cypress College

Spring 2024 - CRN 23635

Your Instructor is Leslie Palmer


Welcome to Library 100

Welcome to LIB 100!Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou

This is an 8 week asynchronous online class.

This class is designed to introduce you to research and the role of the library in the research process. We will learn to locate, retrieve, analyze, evaluate, and cite appropriate sources (such as journal articles, books, websites, videos) on a given subject.

The topics covered include developing research strategies, using research tools on the Cypress College Library website, and critical evaluation of sources.


Library 100 C Introduction to Research course description

Contact me with Any Questions

Your instructor - Leslie Palmer


                                                  A photo of my family in the 1970's. I am the one one right in the light blue dress with my dad.

                                                                                            My sister is on the left with my mom.

I was born in Pasadena, California and grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 1970’s. 

I loved to read as a kid and spend time in the library. As a teenager, in the 1980’s I loved making art and listening to music.  

I went to community college on and off for several years, changing my major lots of times, but never getting a degree. 

As I got older, I had many different jobs, including jewelry-maker, cashier, camp counselor, childcare worker, store clerk, bartender, and I eventually found myself working in a library.

I decided at 30 that I wanted to be librarian. I got my AA from Orange Coast College, transferred to CSUF to get my bachelor’s degree, then onto San Jose State where I got my master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences. Returning to school as an older student was challenging but fun. Who knew that my love of libraries as a kid would end up becoming my career?

I have worked in libraries for the past 30 years, both public and academic. I have worked as a full-time librarian at Cypress College for the last 8 years. I love working at Cypress and helping students is literally my favorite part of the job!

When am not working, I like to collect records and listen to music and watch old movies and TV with my husband. I still DJ sometimes and have a radio show with a friend every December and January.

        Me DJing 80's records in Orange County


If you have any questions about our class, doing research for another class, or anything about the library, tutoring, or the Cypress College campus, please reach out to me! I am more than happy to help you find answers to any questions you might have.

Cypress College has a bunch of other resources, besides the library. Some of these include the Health Center, Financial Aid, Career and Transfer Center, Disability Support Services, LGBTQ+ resources, the Bookstore, Counseling Center, free tutoring in the Learning Resource Center, and so much more.

Whether you are an online only student or have classes on campus, Cypress College has ways to support you on your journey.

Leslie Palmer

My Contact Information for any Questions


(714) 484-7000 ext. 48360Phone icon by Freepik from

E-mail:Email icon by Freepik from

calendar Icon made by ""Student hours and One-on-one Zoom meetings

I check my email regularly, but please give me at least 24 hours to respond.



Will be calculated based on percentage in the following areas:

Graded Portion


Helping Ourselves and Others (Discussions, Self-Tests & Surveys) 15%
Weekly Assignments 55%
Finals (Final Exam and Final Bibliography) 30%
Total 100%

90-100% = A

80-89% = B

70-79% = C

60-69% = D

50-59% = F*

*Work turned in will always earn points and never be considered failing. Failure is only achieved by not turning in assignments or not participating.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. After articulating a research need, construct and implement a search strategy using appropriate key concepts and terms in order to locate and retrieve books, articles, and authoritative web sites using a variety of library and Internet search tools.
  2. During the research process, differentiate between the types of sources obtained, evaluate the quality and relevance of these sources to the research question, and revise the search strategy, if necessary, to obtain more relevant results to the research assignment criteria.
  3. When producing a research paper, correctly synthesize source material into a bibliography or a list of references according to a specified style manual such as MLA.

You Can Be Successful in This Class

You Can Be Successful in this class:Her'e a Pointer icon

  • Each week there will be a plan for the week that includes:
    • Read the readings available through the weekly links on the course Canvas site.                No Textbooks Required!
    • Complete weekly assignments, discussions, self-tests or surveys for that week.
  • Complete the open book (open resource) final exam to get a passing grade.
  • Turn in a final bibliography.

  • Access to Internet capable device, such as your mobile phone, tablet, or computer or laptop.
  • Word or Google Docs.
  • If you are having trouble answering a question, please let me know.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule



Week 1


Unit 1 - Introductions, Using Canvas, LIB 100 Orientation & Procedures, Academic Honesty

due Friday, February 2, 2024

  • Unit 1 Assignment
  • Unit 1 Discussion
  • Unit 1 Self-Test
  • Student Information Survey

Week 2


Unit 2 - The Research Process—Research Strategy, Types of Information, Search  Organization

due Monday, February 12, 2023

  • Unit 2 Assignment
  • Unit 2 Self-Test
  • Unit 2 Discussion

Week 3


Unit 3 - Citing Sources—Avoiding Plagiarism and Respecting Copyright, Using a Style Manual to Create a Bibliography, Annotating Bibliographies

due Tuesday, February 20, 2024

  • Unit 3 Assignment
  • Unit 3 Self-Test
  • Unit 3 Discussion

Week 4


Unit 4 - Importance of Reference Books, Reference Sources, Reference Books in the Library, Reference Sources Online

due Monday, February 26, 2024

  • Unit 4 Assignment
  • Unit 4 Self-Test
  • Unit 4 Discussion
Week 5

Unit 5 - Finding Books & DVDs—Library Catalogs, Classification Systems

due Monday, March 4, 2024

  • Unit 5 Assignment
  • Unit 5 Self-Test
  • Unit 5 Discussion
Week 6

Unit 6 - Finding Articles—Periodicals, Online Periodical Databases

due Monday, March11, 2024

  • Unit 6 Assignment
  • Unit 2 Self-Test
  • Unit 6 Survey
Week 7

Unit 7 - Finding Information on the Internet—Internet Search Techniques, Evaluating Web Sources

due Monday, March 18, 2024

  • Unit 7 Assignment and Extra Credit Assignment:
  • Unit 7 Self-Test
  • Unit 7 Discussion
Week 8

Finals - Read and Review all 7 Unit readings and assignments in preparation of the comprehensive final exam, turn in your Final Bibliography.

You must take the Final Exam to pass the class.

  • Final Exam: due Friday, March 22, 2024
  • Final Bibliography: due Friday March 22, 2024
  • Each weekly assignment and/or quizzes and readings should take approximately 2 hours to complete.
  • Due dated assignments are due by Midnight of that date. Late assignments are always accepted. But please be aware that you could get behind on understanding the material, as the units build upon each other.
  • You can always re-do any assignment.

Contact Us

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When You Need Help

When You Need Help

Course Help

  • If you have a question about the week's materials or how to answer a homework question, email me.
  • If you have a personal issue or question, email me.
  • If you have any other research concerns, you can contact me or use the "Ask Us" button on this page or the library website. You will get help from a librarian.

Technology Help

Help with Other School Matters & Life

I have made every effort to make this course accessible to all students, including students with disabilities.  If you encounter a problem accessing anything in this course, please contact me immediately by email and also contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at (714) 484-7104.