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APA: APA Guide

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Fonts - APA

Acceptable fonts:

  • 11-point Calibri
  • 11-point Arial
  • 10-point Lucida Sans
  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • 11-point Georgia
  • 10-point Computer Modern

Basic APA Citation

Author Last Name, F. M., & Author Last Name, F. M. (date). Title of article or chapter in sentence case. Title of main work in italics: Subtitle of main work in italics, volume # in italics (issue #), page-range. Publisher. https://doi:###.#####.#### or http://journalURL with no punctuation following

Basic In-Text or Parenthetical

Smith (2019) said, “Quote in quotation marks is all that is needed.”

She said that all sentences that do not explicitly mention the author, or alternately, are a student’s paraphrase, should have the author’s last name and year in parentheses at the end of the sentence (Smith, 2019).

Smith stated in 2019 that you don’t need to include parenthetical information.

Only include page numbers for large works or specific sections that are cited (Smith, 2019, pp.120-127).

If no author names are available, use the title of work how it will list in references list (“APA Guideline”, 2019).

Sample APA Student Paper by OWL Purdue

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Citation Help Guide

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