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STEP 1: Sources in NoodleTools

Once you have all of your sources, you can create your final Works Cited, References, or Bibliography page, depending on your citation style.

Make sure you have 1) sorted your sources as you wish them to appear in your Works Cited or Bibliography page, 2) opened the correct academic year and 3) it is the correct project name.

Select the printer icon.


export printer button


When you click on the printer icon you will see a drop-down list of options (see example below). 

Select Print/Export to Google Docs.


export options

STEP 2: Exporting to Google Docs

If you are exporting to Google Docs, we recommend using the Chrome browser.

When you select Print/Export to Google Docs, you will get the options below. Select the option that applies to you then click Submit.


export/print options

If this is your first time exporting in Google Docs and if you are in Chrome browser, it will open a tab asking you which account to use:


It will then take you to another screen asking you to give NoodleTools permission to connect with your Google account.

Click ALLOW.


It will then automatically create a new Google Doc with your complete Works Cited (References, Bibliography) along with the name of your project and formatted in the citation style you selected in NoodleTools.

If you have previously connected your NoodleTools account to Google, it will immediately open a tab with the Google Doc.