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What is NoodleTools?

NoodleTools is an online research management platform that helps students become better researchers. Students can learn to cite work by filling in easily accessible forms.


  • Citing Sources
  • Taking Notes, Organizing and Outlining
  • Collaborating with Peers
  • Sharing with Instructors

For more information see the Noodletools Overview.

NEW to NoodleTools?

If you are NEW to NoodleTools with Cypress College: 

1) You must first create an account through the link provided on our database pageBy using our link, you are ensured a FREE account as a Cypress College student/faculty member.

2) When you click on the link above:

  • If you are OFF-CAMPUS, you need to log in with your MyGateway log in credentials (student ID number and password):

district log in page


  • Once you are logged in (or if you are ON-CAMPUS), you will see this page:

NT sign in page

Make sure you see that you have been authenticated by Cypress College!

Click REGISTER which will direct you to THIS FORM to complete registration.

Returning to NoodleTools?

Once you have registered your account through our Cypress College link, you can log in by simply going to the NoodleTools website and clicking on LOG IN. Use the information you used to register your account.

noodle tools homepage


If you have not logged into Noodle Tools in a long time, you may have to authenticate your account again before logging in. Just click on the link through the Cypress Library Database page and log into your Noodle Tools account with the username and password you previously created; this will authenticate your account to use again.

Help by NoodleTools