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STEP 1: New Project

After logging into NoodleTools, you will see something like this (below).

Make sure you have selected the correct academic school year. See example circled in red below.

NT projects page select year


Once you are in the correct year, click on New Project.

NT projects page select new project

STEP 2: Name Your Project

In the window that appears (see below), name your project in the space labeled Project Title. This can be anything you want, but typically this is your Course Name or your Assignment Title; for example, "ENGL 100" or "Immigration Research Paper."

create a new project window prompt

Select the Citation Style you need. The most commonly used is MLA

Select your needed Citation Level. You can always change this later. Junior is a good place to start.

Click Submit.


If you select MLA, NoodleTools will automatically create the source in MLA 9 which is the most recent edition of MLA. Keep this in mind if you are importing sources from databases because you may need to update those sources to match the ones created in NoodleTools.

STEP 3: Project page

Once you click Submit, you will see your new project listed on your Projects page (see example below). 

Click on the name of your project, highlighted in blue, to open your project.

project blue link

Once inside your Project, you'll be on the Sources page (example below) where you can create/add a new source.

For more information on how to create a citation (source), go to our Create a Source page.


project page for sources