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STEP 1: Set active project

Before you can add a book to your project you must Set active project

On the home page, click on Set active project. Then you will see a list of all of your active projects in your account. Select the project to which you want to add a book. You will see a check mark appear next to the project.

NT homepage   active projects list


You can now go back to the homepage and click on Search for a book.

STEP 2: Search for a book

On the homepage, select Search for a book.

On the next screen, at the top, you can select to search by Title, ISBN, or Author.

Type your title in the search box and you will get a list of results like the example below.

title search  example search


Look at the book results and select the correct edition that you used for your research.

It will take you to the next screen where it will ask you to confirm your choice. If it is the correct book, select Export.

You will then receive a confirmation of the export. Click OK to close the window.


export to project example  successful export confirmation

STEP 3: Confirm addition to project

To make sure you have added the book to your project, you will need to log into NoodleTools from a computer. 

Select your project and click on Sources. You will see your new book source has been added appropriately, based on the citation style you have selected for your project. See example below.

confirmed book export from app