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STEP 1: Accessing Gale Databases

From the Cypress Library Homepage, click on Databases:

Cypress College Library's databases are listed in alphabetical order. You can go to G to see Gale databases, or you will notice that for the entire list, in parentheses it will describe if a database is part of Gale.


If you are OFF-CAMPUS, after selecting a database, you will be asked to log in with MyGateway log in credentials (student ID number  and your password).

For Faculty, it is also your MyGateway log in credentials (your employee ID number and password).

STEP 2: Exporting a Citation from Gale to NoodleTools

Make sure you are LOGGED IN TO NoodleTools.

When you open an ARTICLE in any Gale Database, you will see a page similar to the one below with a menu bar of options.


gale ebooks cite button


CLICK on the Cite button. A pop-up box will appear.

Select your citation style and CLICK on NoodleTools.


OR you can scroll to the bottom of the article where you will see the same options.

When you click on NoodleTools, it will open a page similar to this one (below). If yours doesn't look like this, you may need to log into NoodleTools. There will be an option at the bottom of the page.

gale export


This screen is to double-check the accuracy of the citations and where you have a chance to make changes:

citation accuracy


Please remember that citations from databases are only 90 - 95% accurate and may need changes! This is where you can fix any mistakes you find (for example, all capitals).

Select which project this citation will be saved to in the drop-down menu. Click on Import References.

export project

You will receive a confirmation that your citation was exported to NoodleTools.

successful import


You will now find this citation in your Sources in the project you selected in NoodleTools.