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STEP 1: Sources in NoodleTools

Once you have all of your sources, you can create your final Works Cited, References, or Bibliography page, depending on your citation style.

Make sure you have 1) sorted your sources as you wish them to appear in your Works Cited or Bibliography page, 2) opened the correct academic year and 3) it is the correct project name.

Select the printer icon.


export printer button


When you click on the printer icon you will see a drop-down list of options (see example below). 

Select Print/Export to Word.


export options

STEP 2: Exporting to Word with Pop-ups blocked

When you select Print/Export to Word, you might receive a POP-UP BLOCKED message in NoodleTools depending on the browser you are using and your settings.

If you see this, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from


Click on the REFRESH button on your browser.


Click on Print/Export to Word AGAIN. This time, your document will DOWNLOAD (depending on the settings of your browser, it may open in a separate tab). This example shows a download:


STEP 2: Exporting to Word without Pop-ups blocked

Click on Print/Export to Word. Depending on the settings of your browser, it may open in a separate tab or download.

If downloading, it may ask you to name your document.

This image shows an example of an automatically downloaded Word document (without prompting to name document):


STEP 3: Open Word document

When you open the Word Document, if you see the Enable Editing option at the top, make sure to CLICK it!

It will allow you to own the document and make any changes you need.


You will now see your final Works Cited (References, Bibliography).

Make sure to save your document. You can also rename your document if necessary.

exported word doc